Clutter Free Living: Pens & Pencils Clean Out

I have hundreds or maybe even thousands of pens, and pencils scattered all over the house. Okay, maybe not thousands but I sure do have a lot. Trust me, I am not bragging about it, because you probably have a similar situation. Right? Or is it just at my house?

I can’t even remember when was the last time I bought a pen and yet, I have a whole bunch.

Don’t you get free pens all the time? I sure do! :)

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I don’t even need them all. I have certain pens that I never use because I don’t like how they write or that I have to press down hard on my paper to get them to write. I also dislike wooden pencils, I much rather use mechanical pencils. So, I decided to go through all of my pens and pencils and sort them into three piles: KEEP, DONATE, and GARBAGE.

Hey, you should join me and clean out your pens and pencils too!

Okay here is what we have to do…

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First, gather all of your pens, pencils, and even your highlighters and markers. Why not? Pull out a piece of scrap paper and start testing each pen to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

Then put each writing utensil in to one of three categories.

  • KEEP: these are the writing utensils I want to keep, because they are comfortable to write with and I like how they write.
  • DONATE: they work, but I don’t use them or like them and can give away to someone else. (Can you donate pens and pencils anywhere?)
  • GARBAGE: they don’t work.

Did you have a lot of pens that were dried up? I did! No wonder every time I need a pen I can’t find one that works. Ugh.

Okay, now that you know which ones you want to keep. Try placing them in places where you can easily find them when you need them. For instance, near the phone, on your desk, in your car and in your purse.

Hope that helps!


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